Study Motivation Tips for Real Estate Students

Real estate is a difficult business and even on good days, your motivation can dwindle. This is prevalent in real estate students, when it is often even more difficult to stay motivated. It is easy to get distracted and discouraged, especially during the holiday season. Here are a few tips to keep you motivated when pursuing the real estate career of your dreams.

When studying, make deals with yourself
This is a common reward-based tactic that works for many and is a good technique for overcoming procrastination. For example, tell yourself when you finish a chapter or a certain task, you will reward yourself with a break or a treat like a piece of candy. This is a simple yet effective way to stay motivated and allows yourself some much-needed R & R.

Start with the hardest task first
By starting with the hardest or most difficult task first, you get it out of the way first. This will make every other task on your list seem easier and will prevent you from putting off the task you’ve been dreading.

Remember your accomplishments and achievements
When you’re struggling, remind yourself of everything you’ve accomplished and achieved so far. Since you’re working towards your real estate license, you’ve already taken the first step towards the life and career you want. Don’t give up what you’ve already started!

Take breaks and get out of your comfort zone
Taking a break can help you rest your mind. Step away from your materials regularly and take a walk or get a snack. This is will help keep you awake and provide a much-needed refresh. For some, studying and working at home is not the best option. Family, pets, chores, television, and other distractions can shift your focus from your studies. If you’re having trouble focusing at home, go to a coffee shop, library, or if the weather is a nice, a park. Breaking up your routine can help you stay motivated and allow you to focus without the distractions of home.

Set goals
Set reasonable and manageable goals for yourself for your study sessions. This will help you stay on track and complete your tasks.