Career Boosting Steps To Take In 2020

The new year is a time to restart and begin working towards your career goals. Working towards your goal of becoming a real estate agent requires focus and determination. Here are a few steps to take when working towards your  goals in 2020.

Write Down Your Goals and Accomplishments

Make a list of your professional accomplishment from the previous year. Then, add what you want to accomplish this year. This will help you motivated and remind you of what you’ve already accomplished.

Redesign Your Professional Materials

Re-work and re-write your resume by adding any additional skills, jobs, or tasks you learned or completed in the last year. If you have a personal career website, add to that as well. Keeping your resume updated will give you a head start on applying to jobs. Seeing your skills on paper can help put your abilities into perspective.

Learn How to Answer the Most Common Interview Questions

Interviews are tough. Even the most experienced and qualified candidates can blow it. Look up the most common interview questions and prepare your answers and try practicing with a friend.

Update or Purchase Your Professional Wardrobe

Purchase items that are industry appropriate, comfortable, and high-quality. If you are just building your professional wardrobe, and aren’t sure what to buy, check out social media pages of businesses in your profession. These often show photos of offices and employees. This will give you an idea of what to buy.

Organize and Clean Your Workspace

Keeping your workspace clean and organized will help you focus on your work and calm your mind. Remove clutter from your desk, drawers, and digital clutter on your computer and phone. Make sure you have what you need but are still able to keep clutter at bay. A clean workspace is proven to promote creativity, reduce anxiety, improve motivation.

 Develop Healthy Sleep Habits

Sleep deprivation is harmful for both your health and your career. A recent study found that 30% of American adults are getting 6 hours or less of sleep per night. Lack of sleep leads to poor work performance, decreased engagement, and general poor performance. 

Developing healthy sleep habits will improve your focus, work performance, and improve your health. Being well rested will allow you to accomplish your goals with a clear mind.

Improve Your LinkedIn Presence

An updated LinkedIn profile is a must for building your career. Your profile can connect you to many opportunities and can be used when applying for jobs. When making connections, send a personal note. This will make a lasting impression and shows your personality to potential employers. On LinkedIn, follow industry professionals and companies to stay on top of industry trends and learn about possible career opportunities.