Roles Real Estate Agents Play Each Day

As a real estate agent, you will be more than just an agent selling and showing homes to clients. The challenging and rewarding career involves much more than the sales aspect. Real estate agents face new challenges each day when working and meeting new people. To your clients, you are more than their real estate agent. Here are some roles you will have to be play when you embark on your real estate career journey.


When starting your career and even years in agents have to market themselves to clients daily. This involves branding yourself with networking, client and friend referrals, and marketing. Social media, photos, and having a functional and attractive website with clear photos and detailed, concise descriptions are vital to your success as an agent. Maintaining these marketing tools might seem overwhelming, but are crucial to any real estate career.


Establishing yourself as an expert will lead to more clients and sales. You might even become a local to-go agent! In our careers, it is easy to stay stagnant with our knowledge of our chosen fields. Take professional development classes, continuing education courses, and learn the most you can about your local markets to stay ahead competitors.

The Buyer’s and Seller’s Agent

As an agent, you are assisting both buyers and sellers that have different needs and require different duties from the agent. When helping buyers, agents help connect buyers with mortgage lenders and negotiating contracts. As a seller’s agent, you will market properties and set up staging and photographs.


As an agent, you are also your own administrative assistant as you will most likely be working by yourself. This means being accountable for your own time and keeping track of your own appointments as well as taking care of menial tasks like paperwork, expenses, and communications.


Buying and/or selling a home is an emotional experience for many. Customers whether buying or selling, often rely on agents for support during a big life change.