These Personality Traits Will Make A Great Real Estate Agent

Each career path takes a different personality time to succeed, and real estate is no different. Since the industry is so flexible and open to people from all different backgrounds, many can build a successful career as a real estate agent.

Think you have what it takes to be in real estate? Here are the personality traits that make the best real estate agents.


Being a real estate agent is a very social job. Agents are constantly meeting new people and having conversations. Networking is also a major part of being a successful real estate agent, as it providing referrals. Being able to talk to all different personality types and helping people are vital traits in a real estate agent. Many enjoy the active, social aspect of the job and excel in person instead of behind a computer.


Being able to market yourself and build a brand is a big part of real estate. Being able to promote yourself and talk about yourself and your accomplishments means attracting clients. This is something many have trouble with. To be a successful real estate agent, being an extrovert is a must.


Most real estate agents are their own bosses, they set their own schedules, find clients themselves, and usually only answer to themselves. The best agents are self-starters who possess the self-motivation and discipline to be their own bosses. This is a difficult task for many who are used to having a set schedule and someone else to answer to.

Attention to Detail

Real estate agents deal with complicated contracts and properties worth thousands of dollars. Paying attention to details and things that might get overlooked is a crucial trait to have for real estate success. Agents need to be comfortable with legal and financial transactions and implications. Analytical skills also come into play with attention to detail as agents need to be able to understand complicated financial and legal matters.


As a client-based and people-focused industry, real estate agents must be dependable. They must keep appointments and take care of others needs. Real estate agents must return calls and make sure their clients are taken care of.


While some personality types do not mix, being relatable is an important trait for real estate agents as they are constantly dealing with different personality types and people from all walks of life. Agents should be able to make everyone feel comfortable in order to create a positive and welcoming work environment.


The primary role of a real estate agent is selling. Persuasiveness is a must-have skill when advising clients on the best action to take when buying/selling a property. Real estate agents must use their inside knowledge of the housing market both locally and nationally to convince their clients that they are making the right choice.


Sometimes, deals fall through and sales don’t work out the way agents hoped. Agents must keep going during slow seasons and stay persistent to keep their business going.


Whether you are just starting out and have decided to become a real estate agent, or if you are changing careers, it takes a brave person to go after their dreams. Working for yourself and being responsible for your own income takes courage, as does starting something new.