Building Your Real Estate Network In A New Area

It’s hard being the new real estate agent in town. Especially when the success of your business is contingent upon a solid network.

Here are three essential tips to build your network and become the top real estate agent in your new area.

Setup Your Digital Network

Before you even step foot in the new area you’re preparing to dominate, there are several steps you can take to ensure you get off on the right foot. First, you need a great website. Although your Facebook page can serve as a soft introduction to your area, and visa versa, it’s your website that will speak to your expertise and help you build credibility. You can carry your experience with you from area to area through the use of testimonials. However, you’ll need to update most everything else. You can start preparing to network in a brand new area by doing your research and adding your voice to the conversation. You won’t be able to actually get a feel for the local flare until you’re physically there, but you can certainly put the word out on your website. In addition, make sure that all of your social media networks are up to date. You can even use Yelp or to start scoping out some local businesses and community groups. Introduce yourself as soon as possible so when you finally meet community members face-to-face, they’ll have a nice of idea of who they’re talking to and what you can do for them.

Join the Community

Once you’ve touched down, the real work begins. You need to have a plan.  Don’t be afraid to engage with local professionals! Although it’s easy to view other agents as competition, there are a ton of resources just waiting to engage with you. Be friendly with other agents. If you plan on attending conferences and other networking events, chances are you’re going to run into real estate agents from your new area, so make sure to become a friendly face.

When developing your strategy, start with a list. Write down the names of the people you want to meet. All of them. Take note of the people you want to bring into your circle of influence as mentors, as referral sources and as clients. There will be trusted pros and community leaders already established in your new area, so use them as resources and also decide how you can benefit them. Even if you go into a brand new area with a few friends or acquaintances, don’t get too comfortable or reliant on them. Instead, see how they can introduce you to even more professionals so you can expand your sphere. All experts depend on their networks to grow their business and deepen client relationships. You’ve got to be willing to put yourself out there and meet new people to be successful anywhere.

Deliver Value 

The above section focuses a lot on what other people can do for you. Relationships of any kind are a two-way street, but the real question you need to continue to ask and answer for yourself is: What can I do for them?

Is there a new local restaurant opening up? Go in for a quick bite, and meet the owner. Get their inside story on life in the area, and then do a quick post to feature their business and backstory. Have you noticed any great parks or other community attractions that seem extra cool? Make a quick community events guide, and share it on Facebook. You can also join local Facebook groups and spread the love there. Focusing more specifically on value for buyers and sellers, check out what information exists on neighborhood guides, including details on school districts and ratings.

Neighborhood pages basically help every aspect of your lead generation and marketing:

  • They can get you more leads from Google.
  • They also present you as the neighborhood expert, which helps you close a higher percentage of deals.
  • And they give you something to show at your listing presentation that your competition simply doesn’t have.


source:  Inman